** Please note that the time of our Sunday gathering has changed. We are now back to a single service at 10am on Sundays!


At Fellowship, we embrace servant as one of our core gospel identities. The Lord Jesus was a servant, and when we serve we are walking in his steps. Every year, our church has a church-wide serving event called "Fellowship Serves" where we give a Sunday morning to serving our city. Additionally, we ask every church member to serve regularly in some way. Below you'll find a list of ways that our church members can regularly serve both our own church body as well as our visitors and neighbors.

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Adoption & Foster Care
Support Team

At Fellowship Church, we care deeply about the orphaned and vulnerable and want to reflect God’s heart in how we care for them. Our mission is to love, equip, and advocate for children, individuals, and families in the areas of adoption, foster care, and support services. Whether you have been through the adoption process multiple times, are beginning to ask questions about how your family could grow through foster care in the future, are an adoptee, or are a birth parent in need of support, this ministry exists to answer your questions and provide a supportive community for you and your family.

Interested in serving specific needs for adoptive & foster families? Please contact Marcia Post!

Are you a new adoptive or foster family? Have you been touched by adoption or foster care in another way? Please fill out the survey below, and we would love to get to serve you!

Contact: Marcia Post

Communion Setup Team

Each week, the members of Fellowship Church observe the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of Jesus’ death for our sins. And each week, the bread and the juice are prepared and set up by those with servant hearts.

Contact: Pastor Lou Cohn

Connect Team

The Connect Team is the front door of our church and exists to help new people get connected to the life of Fellowship Church.

Contact: Jesse Faught

Events Team

You may not be able to preach or sing a solo, but maybe you enjoy connecting with people over a meal. This team helps plan social events (like summer suppers and church-wide events/potlucks) throughout the year to provide opportunities for connection and fun.

Contact: Lindsey Wilkey

Fellowship Kids

It takes a lot of hands to fulfill our mission in Fellowship Kids. Whether you feel gifted to teach or are simply able to give of yourself to care for children two hours a month, there is a place for you in this ministry. If you are a member of Fellowship and would like to join what God is doing in Fellowship Kids, please fill out our volunteer interest form below.

Contact: Garrett Davis

Fellowship Students

If you’re passionate about investing in middle school and high school students and their families, Fellowship Students is a great place to serve.

Contact: Garrett Davis

Fellowship Men

Serve the men of Fellowship church by leading Bible and book studies and planning special events for men.

Contact: Pastor Todd Pellowe

Fellowship Women

Serve the women of Fellowship by leading Bible studies, hosting socials or events, or mentoring a younger woman.

Contact: Lydia Borengasser

Finance Team

We are always looking for those with financial giftings to be available for members in need of financial coaching, or to serve on our finance accountability team.

Contact: Pastor Todd Pellowe

Hospitality/Refreshments Team

In an effort to extend hospitality to guests who may visit Fellowship Church, we have a rotating schedule of people who provide food before our Sunday gatherings.

Contact: Kathy Mackenzie

Marriage Ministry

We seek to support members with pre-marital counseling for couples, as well as proactive marriage equipping and counseling for married couples.

Contact: Pastor Todd Pellowe

Member Care Teams

There are several members and regular attenders of Fellowship Church who have special needs. We have teams of folks whose heart is to serve these people in unique ways. These members may need rides to and from church activities, housecleaning, and other support.

Contact: Emily Pellowe

Missions Team

Fellowship Church gets excited about sharing the gospel in the city of Louisville as well as supporting those among us whom God has called to the nations. We have a team of members committed to advocating and supporting our missionary efforts with prayer, encouragement, and care.

Contact: Pastor Dean Brunton

Setup Team

Each week, one of four setup teams converts the Portland Christian School into a space suitable for our worship gathering, as well as converts classrooms into spaces suitable for our Fellowship Kids ministry. We fondly refer to members of these teams as “transformers” and have a lot of fun serving Jesus in this ministry that is more than meets the eye.

Contact: David Chrisman

Story Team

Every member of Fellowship Church has a story, and we want to share those stories with the world for the glory of God. Our story team works to record, edit, and produce short video clips for use in our morning services and in other media outlets.

Contact: Brandon Queen

Worship Team

The Worship Team exists to see Fellowship Church sing out the truths of God’s Word with deep and sincere affections for the sake of his praise and the mutual upbuilding of his people. If you are interested in serving in audio/visual, as a livestream camera op, as a service coordinator, or on the worship band as an instrumentalist and/or vocalist, there are opportunities to serve! If you are interested in serving on this team, please read the team interest document below which details our team expectations, culture, and mission. If after reading the interest document you would like to apply to join this team, then simply fill out the interest form linked below.

Contact: Brandon Queen

Partner Ministries

The following are not ministries of Fellowship Church but are ministries in our city with whom our church partners in a significant way. Below you can read more about these ministries and ways you can be involved!

Refuge International

Refuge International partners with local churches to love refugees and immigrants. Opportunities to serve include: English mentorship, guided outreach to international neighborhoods, service projects, transportation needs, and more! For more information on how you can serve, please reach out to Michael or Jade Keenan via the buttons below, and also check out Refuge's website at www.refugeintl.org.

Contact: Michael or Jade Keenan

Bside U For Life

Bside U For Life provides support and hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those affected by unplanned pregnancies, walking beside them for life. Opportunities to serve include client advocacy, donation services, children's ministry, and more! For further information, please contact Alex Hammond or Kaitlyn Bowman, and check out Bside U's website at www.bsideuforlife.org.

Contact: Alex Hammond or Kaitlyn Bowman

Scarlet Hope

Scarlet Hope exists to share the hope and love of Jesus with women in the adult entertainment industry. Ways to serve include outreach, meals, prayer, and more!

Contact: Rachelle Starr