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  • Unforgivable sin

    Thinking Through The Unforgivable Sin

    This week, Andy preached from Mark 3:7-33 on the unforgivable sin. This is a subject that may intrigue you on an academic level, but many more people are concerned with the unforgivable sin out of an eternal concern for either themselves or others. Because we know this to be the

  • 04-05-15-060

    August Video Update from Pastor Andy

    After a season out of the pulpit, hear from Pastor Andy as he updates the church on where we will be headed over the upcoming weeks and months as a church.

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    Baptisms June 21, 2015 – Media

    On June 21, 2015 we had the privilege of seeing Adelaide, Jack, and Julia Brunton each get baptized by their parents. Check out the links below to see their testimony videos as well as some pictures from the service.