Fellowship Blog

  • Baptism Service, March 12!

    This Sunday, March 12, we will be celebrating God’s work in the lives of some of our church family as they get baptized. It is gearing up to be a wonderful day of celebration that you won’t want to miss. Because baptism is such a clear, visible proclamation of the

  • Pledge 2017

    In case you weren’t able to attend our Sunday gathering yesterday or were serving in Fellowship Kids, let me take a few moments to explain what this is. Pledge 2017 is something we are inviting all of our members to participate in. It is basically an opportunity for you to

  • Fourth Sunday of Advent: A Vision that Ignited Hope

    Last week, we looked at the life of an old priest named Zechariah who was reminded of God’s mercy as he doubted the promises of God. Because he couldn’t see how the angel’s words could possibly come true, God took away his voice. This week, we turn our attention to