Essential ministries are the fundamental, non-negotiable ministries that we cannot and will not miss. These are not the only ministries of the church, but they are the priority ministries. These essential ministries are our way of “keeping the main thing the main thing.” Our aim is to ensure that these ministries have the leadership, plans, and resources required to accomplish their objectives.

Worship Gathering

Our Sunday worship celebrations provide the opportunity for us to corporately present ourselves to God, study His Word, apply truth, and respond in ways that show His greatness.

In addition, as we gather for weekly worship, we are able to regularly participate in the ordinances of baptism and communion, as well as to experience those elements of corporate worship that reinforce and affirm our commitments to each other as a family of faith (i.e., baby dedications, corporate prayer, sharing how God is changing and growing us).

Gospel Community Groups

At Fellowship Church we are passionate about Gospel Community Groups (GCGs). The Christian life is not meant to be lived alone.  We need other Christians to speak truth to us, encourage us, pray for us, care for us, and know us. The Bible is also clear that Christian community is one of the most powerful evangelistic weapons the church possesses (John 13:34-35).  When Christians live together in deep love and commitment, the world will see and know that Jesus is truly alive.

For more information about Gospel Community Groups and how to get involved, visit our GCG Page.