Membership matters. We believe that the safest and most biblical place for every Christian is in the covenant membership of a local church. It was the assumed position of every believer in the New Testament. Biblically speaking, an essential element to being a Christian is to be committed to a local body of fellow believers.

At Fellowship Louisville, we understand that finding a church home is a challenge. And as with any other major decision, you have a lot of questions. If you’re interested in joining Fellowship Louisville, then please fill out the form below. We will send you a link to our membership information packet and Member Covenant for you to read in preparation for a membership meeting with one of the elders.



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Membership Interview

The second step in our membership process is a membership interview. In these interviews you will sit down with one of the elders and share your story. We have two main goals for membership interviews.

  • First, we want to hear your testimony. This helps us get to know you better. But it also allows us to see if you truly understand the gospel. Before we admit someone into the membership of Fellowship Louisville, we want to be sure (to the best of our ability) that the person is a Christian. This guards the purity of the church and the testimony of Christ in our community.
  • Second, we want to help you take next steps. Once you’re a member, then what? Don’t worry, we want to help you find out how you can serve Christ at Fellowship. During out interviews we want to have preliminary discussion with you about your gifts and passion, and help point you toward ministries where you you can exercise those gifts.


The third step in our membership process is baptism. Baptism is an expected act of obedience for all followers of Jesus Christ. As such, we require all of our members to have publicly professed their faith as a believer through the obedient act of baptism. We practice baptism by immersion, the mode that best portrays the believer’s death, burial, and resurrection with Christ. Click here to see more about baptism and to begin the baptism process.