Serving where needed and encouraging where possible

Family: Wife – Anita, married since 1969; retired nurse, and a marvelous testimony to a life lived in pursuit of her Savior. Son – Mickey, LMPD Detective;  Daughter – Amanda, stay at home mom in Atlanta. We’re blessed with 12 grandkids between them.

Hometown: Louisville

Education and Experience:
BCE, MEng(CE) University of Louisville, PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
After 30 years, retired in 2014 from the University of Louisville as Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Louisville.

What brought you to Fellowship? The unique combination of reformed theology blended with strong community and an overriding emphasis on Grace. Also, the worship is just terrific.

What do you love most about Louisville? It’s home. It’s also unpretentious and quite beautiful as cities go. We live in a log cabin in the woods inside the city limits.

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Anything cop related. NCIS, etc.

Favorite Music/Band: The Fellowship Louisville worship team is just awesome. Can’t beat ‘em.

Favorite Book: Always loved biographies of the early reformers. Also, anything to do with the Revolutionary War.

Hobbies/Interests: Flying got me through my mid-life crisis. Now it’s mostly grandkids and Fellowship Church.

Favorite Teams: Go Cards.