Responsibilities: Encourage everyone

Family: I’ve been married to Leigh for 12 years. We have two daughters. Greta is 8 and Gwen is 7.

Hometown: Lima, Ohio

Education and Experience: I have an English degree from Eastern Kentucky University that serves as a reminder that God takes us in strange directions sometimes. I work in Construction as an Account Manager/Estimator for a construction company here in Louisville.

What brought you to Fellowship? Leigh and I wanted to be a part of something new when we got married. We came to Fellowship when it was a group of folks dreaming about Fellowship. We wanted to be surrounded by older, wiser families that we could model our lives after.

What do you love most about Louisville? We love the big city life! Leigh and I are from small towns; Louisville feels like the big city life to us.

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Seinfeld. We still watch it. We still quote it. We still laugh about it all the time.

Favorite Music/Band: I was 13 when The Dave Mathews Band came on the scene and I love Carter Beauford so I’d have to go with The DMB. I like music that has a lot of talented people making different sounds. I love the stuff that Hillsong, Citizens and Sojourn put out- lots and lots of talented people.

Favorite Book: I’m “reading” A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent. I’ve been “reading” it for three years and it is wonderful. It has taught me that the Gospel is an important message for the lost but also an important message for the seasoned believer. The Gospel doesn’t only save us- the truths of the Gospel transform us, carry us and deliver us.

Hobbies/Interests: I hunt, fish and play hockey to be alone and to get refreshed. I hike with my wife and kids because we all like to hike together.

Favorite Teams: The Ohio State Buckeyes, Louisville Cardinals and Philadelphia Flyers. I try to follow the Cleveland teams but this world already has enough sadness in it.