Responsibilities: Help serve, support and love our church staff and this wonderful family of Believers.

Family: Wife Lynn (married since 1999) – an amazing woman who pursues Christ. She is my best friend and I am so very blessed to do life with her. She was in banking when we married, and has been a stay-at-home mom since we started a family. With three growing girls, the “stay-at-home” part doesn’t seem to fit so much anymore! Lauren, Caroline, and Katherine all three love theater, piano, volleyball, and going to Nana’s farm. I am a rich man with these awesome girls in my quiver.

Hometown: Green County, home of the Dragons!  (Country tip #27: When you’re from rural KY, “Where you from?” is typically answered with a county name, not the nearest town). In my case, that town is Greensburg, population 2,200, on the banks of the Green River, not too far from Green River Lake.  Bet you can’t guess what my school colors were. And my last name is Kelly, as in green. Go figure.

Education and Experience: Most of the education and experience I use on a daily basis came from growing up on a farm. For example:

  • – Start at the bottom and work your way up
  • – There’s nothing better than home-grown food, cooked with motherly love
  • – Never turn your back on a bull
  • – Respect your elders and listen to old folks
  • – When it comes to things you don’t want to see made, only legislation outranks sausage
  • – There’s no substitute for honest, hard work
  • – A good family name cannot be bought
  • – Stripping tobacco all day with my dad, my uncles, and Ma-Ma…the conversations are priceless
  • – If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right

I rounded out my farm education with a Mechanical Engineering degree from UofL. After a 3-year stint in Ethiopia, I have worked for 20 years at Strand Associates, a civil engineering firm, supporting our sales efforts in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

What brought you to Fellowship? Humble, transparent leadership, Biblical teaching, and wonderful worship.

What do you love most about Louisville? That it led me to Lynn!  My heart longs for the country, but I love that Louisville is just a really big small town.

Favorite Movie/TV Show: I enjoy the Bourne series, and basically any action drama that I can sit back on my soft couch, snarfing a bowl of buttery popcorn that’s perched on my soft belly, and say “I could do that.” 

Favorite Music/Band: Most anything from the 80’s, big hair era (if I could fix one thing about Louisville, it would be to add an 80’s station!). Every once in a while, I indulge a little country – Alabama, Alan Jackson, Dwight Yoakum.

Favorite Book: I love true accounts of people who have survived incredible adversity, from the Civil War, D-Day, the Holocaust, through modern day stories like Black Hawk Down and Lone Survivor.

Hobbies/Interests: Farming – it’s where I feel most at home. I also enjoy projects of all types, although I have way too many on my list right now.

Favorite Teams: I am not a sports spectator at all, but I do enjoy watching the Olympics. Team USA!