At Fellowship, we envision…

An authentic church community on a mission.

‘Church’ is more than a building or meeting once a week on a Sunday morning. Church happens not only when followers of Jesus meet for corporate worship but when they share life together outside a Sunday service. We are a a church made up of smaller community groups that form relationships, celebrate Christ, and reach out to the city ofLouisville. We dream of being a beacon of hope to a world full of confusion, darkness, and pain.

A relaxed, welcoming atmosphere rich in gospel teaching.

This is a community of faith were people from all walks of life can enter in and be embraced. We recognize that life is messy and we all need the grace of God. We see a church where lives are being transformed and people are being equipped to minister and live well through spiritual and practical life instruction.

Sound Biblical, doctrinal, and theological teaching.

We are a a church that does not water down the Christian faith but rather instructs in an understandable way and connects everyday life to our ancient faith and Scripture.

Strong leadership flowing through a plurality of elders.

Fellowship takes the qualifications of its leaders seriously and ministers through a team philosophy.